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Houston Tax Compliance Services

Are you Tax Compliant?

It is no secret that State and Local governments are running budget deficits these days. In order to meet their budgets they are out to extract every dime they can legally squeeze from you and your business. If you haven’t yet been contacted by the Texas Workforce Commission, the State Comptroller’s office, or Harris County, CHANCES ARE YOU WILL BE SOON. These guys want your cash and they don’t play games. If you miss a filing deadline by even one day, the fines and penalties can be onerous. If you select Norris and Associates to handle your local tax filings, we are so confident in our ability to ensure compliance that we will cover any fees and penalties assessed by any state or local taxing authority due to errors, emissions, or late filings resulting from our actions. We ensure compliance in the following areas:

  • Franchise
  • Sales and Use
  • Employement
  • Property

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